Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on OnlineAudience Community. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.


    1.No spamming
    2.No advertising other hosting company's
    3.Keep on topic
    4.Be polite
    5.Be respectful to all members
    6.No bullying
    7.Do not be offensive in any way
    8, No trolling
    9, Do not post 2 topics about 1 question
    10, No spam report
    11, keep it clean
    12. Always rap code in code blocks.
    13. No offensive images


    1. Make sure all information is correct.
    2. You must be registered for atleast 5 - 10 days
    3. you must have no warnings or reports on your account.
    4. you must be higher then New register Role.
    5. you must have no restrictions or enforcement / bans
    6, you must provide us information on any current forums or old forums of work you have done in detail including your role.

    The rules may change, so always check.

    If you brake any of the above rules this can lead to 1 or more of the following action.

    1. Temp account ban
    2. Perm ban
    3. warning
    4. restrictions
    5. termination
    6. temp restriction
    7. post or posts removal

    We have a 3 warning strike
    however depending on the report, this may not be a option and we may consider one of the above actions without strikes.
    You can appeal all action if required.
    However we have the right to decline this appeal
    if your banned and want to appeal please send your appeal to one of the team.